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The summertime and taking care of your lash extensions

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The summertime and taking care of your lash extensions We have all noticed that the sunny days are rolling in and summer is just around the corner. The sun, sea, and swimming are about to become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, like every year, we ask ourselves the same question again: ''How do I take care of my lash extensions and how do they behave in this time of year?'' Today we have decided to help you prepare for the summer ahead and give you some helpful tips based on our experience and practice. Hopefully we will once again be able to eliminate some false assumptions about lash extensions, provide some good advice, and teach you some useful tricks. 1. Are my lashes more likely to fall off the more I bathe or swim? As a general rule, it is not recommended to bring your lashes into contact with water for the first 24 hours after putting them on.. although, now with Superbonder and similar liquids... we can be safe even sooner. After final polimerisation, contact with water is perfectly fine. Otherwise having lash extensions would not be possible at all, since we do need to wash our face daily (lashes need daily washing!). As far as sea water is concerned, we advise you carry a bottle of fresh water with you to the beach, so that you can easily rinse your lashes after a swim in the sea. In addition to a bottle of water, we also recommend a small brush to help you untangle your lashes after a swim, after which you just need to let them dry for a while. In general, water should not cause your lashes to fall off. The only way they might fall off is if you dive into water or the sea at high speeds, or if you rub your eyes too vigorously, which is definitely something to be mindful of. The same logic applies to showering as well – using the showerhead directly on the lashes is not recommended. To sum up: 1. Avoid bringing your lashes into contact with waterfor the first 24 hours. 2. After bathing or swimming in the sea, rinse out yourlashes with fresh water. 3. Brush your lashes to keep them separate and neat. 4. Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on your lashes. In conclusion: swimming in the sea will not cause your lashes to fall off if you stick to these four general rules, and if you treat your lashes with care, avoiding harsh rubbing or pulling. 2. Do lash extensions get tangled up more easily when swimming in the sea? As is the case with showering, or any kind of contact with water, it is perfectly normal for the lashes to become matted or tangled until they dry. Naturally, the salt and mineral content of sea water does unavoidably cause the lashes to mat or tangle more severely. Serious cases of matting or tangling come about only if you do not rinse out the lashes with fresh water and brush them out, as stated above. Another factor to consider is sunlight: at the beach we are often exposed to intense direct sunlight, which can cause natural hair to weaken and become more frail. However, sun is also a “cause” to speed up hair growth becuase of the vitamin D, so we might expect sooner shed. What to do in these kinds of situations? - Make sure to rinse and brush your lashes - In case of prolonged exposure to sunlight we recommend you shorten your lashes by at least one millimeter or possibly two (if your natural lashes become damaged due to the sunlight and tangling, we need to take this into account and not apply very long extensions, according to the rules of our practice). Some useful tips: - Regularly rinse your lashes with fresh water - Regularly brush your lashes (however, do not try to force your lashes apart if matting has occured; in that case it's better to wait for your next refill appointment) - Avoid rubbing your eyes when you come out of the sea. - Consider shortening your lash extensions. - Make appointments for refills more frequently (we recommend one appointment every two weeks). - Avoid contact with oil-based products (such as oil-based sunscreen, body lotions, etc.) to prevent the lashes from ''frying up'' and falling out. - If you find that keeping to all or some of these rules is difficult for you personally, definitely consider temporarily taking your extensions out and waiting for the fall season and maybe should try Lash lift instead. In conclusion: I am personally asked these questions almost daily, and I sincerely hope that this advice has helped you reach a decision about whether or not to wear lash extensions in the summertime. My recommendation is that you definitely try it out, especially if you planned it before hand, and you can then see for yourself if they will suit your summer lifestyle. In my personal experience working in a beauty salon, I can assure you that a large number of women decide to put in lash extensions in the summer, and in most cases they have positive experiences overall. Finally there is a product on the market that is very durable, does not fall off and

does not leave black marks upon contact with water. On the other hand, if you find that your lashes are causing you any inconvenience, you can always take a short break until fall season. Reasons to put in lash extensions in the summer: - In the summertime, we usually wear less make-up and the extensions can nicely balance that out. - There are no dark marks left behind after swimming or bathing. - Maintenance is not very difficult or time-consuming. - Lash extensions are durable and there is no need for daily replacement and refilling. - Lash extensions save you a lot of time. - They are not uncomfortable for your eyes. - They are resistant to sweat and do not cause discomfort in hot weather (they do not cause burning or itching, they do not smear or fall off, etc.) If you would like more information on lash extensions or education, if you wish to make an appointment, or if you simply want to send us a message (whether it's criticism or positive feedback, or if you just want to learn more about this and other procedures) feel free to contact us: GSM: +385 95 398 5467 Božena E-mail: Facebook: Bo Lash studio Instagram: Bo.lash.traveler Thank you for following us. Yours sincerely, Bo Lash.

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