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5 rules to “maintain” good lashes5 rules to “maintain” good lashes

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

5 rules to “maintain” good lashes Today we bring you some simple tips how to keep and remain your lashes nice, washed and “on” for longer time. We all know, lashes shed daily... 1-3 natural lashes fall out, with or without lash extension on it. But, what if lashes fall out more than that and how to avoid such problem? Here are some rules, every lash extension holder must follow in order to maintain them good and clean. 1. Wash Your lashes daily: It is very important to take care of hygiene of Your lashes. Avoiding water brings problems such as blefaritis, congutivitis and can bring problems of lash damage. Lashes won’t fall out because of water and we must know they become waterproof within 24 hours after the treatment. Don’t avoid water, and rinse your lashes with foam which doesn’t contains oil in it. It is safe and necessary. 2. Never ask for too long or too thick lashes According to rules, every lash technician must know what is the maximum of weight one natural lash can “carry” on itself. Also, 1-2mm maximum can be put longer in advance to keep lashes safe and without huge cargo. If technician doesn’t follow the rules, natural lashes start to break down and become softer and will probably fall out sooner than they would in their natural process. Every technician must know and follow this rules, and inform their clients about it, just to avoid problems of damage and to keep this industry safe and profitable. 3. Never pull or twist Your lashes. It is not a game. If so, it is only You who loose. Even though lashes are glued to extensions, it is not normal to expect they would hold on to twists or pulling out. Because it is the natural lash that holds up with everything, not the extension. Every time one natural lash is pulled out, it has to be replaced by new one, but we shouldn’t expect it will grow every time we want it. It has its cycle too, and once the follicle closes, it is over and impossible to “create” a new one. 4. Do not put any make-up onto lashes Even if you get a tip you are allowed to use make up, you should know it is either from someone who is not educated well pr someone who is afraid to loose You as a client. Make up makes lashes heavier and causes damage. It is impossible to remove everything out, so it remains on lashes until they are not removed with special liquids in salons. Mascara stick's lashes together and makes them impossible to separate. Even If technician puts extension on it, it will probably fall out sooner because it was not placed on good foundation. If You need more effect, ask Your technician about fuller lashes and try with megavolume, but be aware of rule number 2.

5. Go to infill every 2-3 weeks. It is very important to take care of lashes in good time cycles. The best time to refill lashes is every 15-20 days to mantain good coverage and to let Your technician takes care of them correctly. After 15-20 days You loose 30-60% of lashes. It is nit good to wait until all lashes fall out because it costs more, gives a technician more work to be done, and doesn’t look nice. Thank You for reading... Bo Lash

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