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Lash rules

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

There are several rules every Lash technician should follow to make a good lash set or infill, and everything pass correctly.

Today I will write about some steps You should follow and to make your job easier but better.

1. Distance between eyelash extension and eyelid:

As we know, it is forbidden to stick an eyelash extension to skin or in radius 0,3 mm away from eyelid. We must take care that our eyes swallow during the sleep and it is possible that extensions cause itchiness. Right distance between skin and extension should be around 0.3 or 0.5 mm. Making this right we achieve better effect on the eyes, correct application and retention.

Of course, it is also wrong if we stick extensions to far from an eyelid. It won’t probably cause any problem with the skin, but lashes would look like they are already 1 or 2 weeks old, or cause sooner fall out.

To make job easier, and to achieve good distance, lots of technicians use micro pore tape to push the skin little bit up (take care that eyes don’t stay open) like it is shown on the photograph.

2. Direction of lash extensions:

It is not whatever how we place (in which direction) extensions on a natural lashes. It is important that extensions follow direction of a natural lash, but also it is advised to take care of an angle. Sometimes, lashes don’t grow in same direction, are damaged or curly. In that case technician must take care of right (90*) angle and place lashes correctly to make a good and correct effect and “stickies”.

3. Lash wrapping:

Placing an eyelash extension onto natural lash is not the same as placing an extension or fan around one. It is very important to take care that a glue drop and extensions surround a natural lash so they wrap together. By this step we are making sure that extension will remain on natural lash until they shed naturally.

To make sure we did this correct, we should place an extension to natural lash, press little bit to make sure they are connected and hold like that until we notice a glue drop is polymerised (from gloss to matte look). We can also check it if we come back later and try to pull out. If it separates it was not done good and we should repeat action.

4. "Layering"

Form “layering” means placing extensions onto natural lashes by checking a layer of growth. Lashes grow in several layers (2-8 layers) and this step is important to avoid the difference between lashes the same place on the eyelid and to look the same. Bottom layers stand longer lashes, and how we step up, we use shorter lengths of extensions.

Following this rule helps us to achieve thicker look too, and to avoid mess.

5. Placing extensions:

We can place extension from up, down or by side. Some technicians put every lash in the same position, while others place lashes differently on same eye. Important thing to follow and take care about here is the way we grab a glue drop.

Do You have some advice to share too?

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