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Lash glue tips for lash technicians

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Lash glue tips for lash technicians - By Bo Lash

When it comes to lash extensions, it is very hard just to pass by the glue... Second most important thing (part) of whole treatment. On first place of course, are lashes. If there were no lashes, there wouldn’t have been lash extension treatment, nor glue, nor lash technicians. However, without glue, lash extension treatment would have been useless.

It might sound wrong, but lash technician is less important than these two components. Not everyone would agree, but if I say, the technique is whole another subject and it can be defined differently, especially when it comes to an article... in some further blogs will write about it.

Let’s stick to the glue. Funny fact, isn’t it?


Every lash extension glue on the market is almost the same when it comes to the ingredients. If we were chemists, we would probably say differently, but here, let’s talk about things we actually know.

Cyanoacrilate is the universal ingredient which can be found in every each glue on the market used to stick lash extensions onto natural ones.

It is practically a base ingredient, and responsible for application. It connects with water, moisture... or similar water based molecules. When it comes in contact with H2O, starts to polymerize, or we call it simply, it cures.

Not every lash glue has the same amount of CA* (Cyanoacrilate). It varies from 40-95%. The more CA, the faster it cures, in good conditions of course.

What we also known as main ingredients, are stabilisators and carbon ( in black glues ).

Stabilisators make polymerization slower. They block (permanently) path between H2O and CA. That is why we can work 15-30 minutes with 1 glue drop on jade stone. Also, that is why we need to change glue drop after a while.

Carbon makes black glue black. Also, it is important to know, it can cause allergies.

If a client develops an allergy, it can be caused b CA or Carbon.

Because of this risk, it is important to make a Patch test 24-48 hours before the treatment. It is recommended to put 10-20 lashes on each eye using 2 different glues (black and clear).

Normally, if client reacts, it was caused by these two ingredients: CA or Carbon.

If we have CA caused reaction, both eyes will swallow, and in that case, we must not put lash extensions on a client. Also, we must warn them, every glue on the market (for now) contains CA. So it is not recommended to go to another salon for an appointment.