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How much (really) long lash extensions cost?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

How much (really) long lash extensions cost?

“Lash extensions” are treatment in which, by applying one extension onto one natural lash, we achieve longer and thicher lash effect.

Women have always been crazy about lashes. Ever since the time when they coloured their lashes with tint, passing the plastic industry, until today when the planet fell in love with the lash extensions

We vitness the expansion of lash extension industry day by day. It seems like every other person wears them.

Some of them look natural and nice, so we wonder which mascara is used to look that good. On the other hand we see some thick, plastic alike and heavy lashes seen from the distance.

In this text, we won’t talk about tastes. We won’t talk about good or bad technicians, neither will talk about money power.

I simply ask. How long lashes can and should be, and what is the price (not only money) we pay for some bad work?

All natural lashes are by their ingredients hair. Theay are all made mostly from Keratin supstance. Lashes are different by: lenght, thickness, color, straihgtness, curvness. Every single lash is powered by a muscle which holds everything straihgt up. Did You know this?

Good set of lash exstensions contains of measures determined by experiences of lash trchnicians all over the world. They all came to conclusions:

- lash extensions should not be too thick. Because they “ask” for more glue, and heavy up natural lashes, muscles and lead to damage.

- lash extensions should not be longer than 2 mm from natural lash. After they grow out, change a direction and rotate natural ones and may cause damage.

- volume fan must not pass the exact measured number of exstensions. If You’re a lash technician, and were not famililar with the measures and numbers, You are not qualified enough.

- lash glue should not go upper than 1/3 of a lash or fan or used in big ammounts.

- one extension or lash fan must be put only on 1 natural lash

What happens if we don’t pay attention to all these rules?

There is a simple answer: Client probably won’t notice or examine a quality of work. Sometimes, a client is the one who applies for “the longest and the thickest” lashes, without thinking or knowing what it brings to him/her.

Wearing these (wrong) lashes for longer time, natural lashes suffer and break down. First we loose a muscle. That is why some people, after taking lash extensions off, notice their lashes are straighter than before the exstensions.

If muscle breaks down, IT DOESN’T RECOVER!

If muscle breaks, lashes are weaker and fall out sooner. It leads to folicule closing and loosing natural lashes earlier than normal. It life cyclus lasts shorter and clients loose them much sooner.

If this happens, serums or coconut oil will not help.

So, the next time You decide to ask Your technician to do you the longest and the thickest lashes, ask Yourself first: what is the price You are willing to pay for that, and here we don’t talk about the money. Here You pay with Your health and lashes.

After that, ask Yout technician for an advice. Every good technician knows these rules, and follows them. And if You were turned down, there is a good reason for that.

Every good technician takes care of Your natural lashes and health, but also of his/hers future in work. Only heathy lashes can “wear” exstensions forever.

Take care.

Božena Ljušanin, director and CEO of Bo Lash blog & Studio. Split, Croatia

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