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Advantages of lash extensions

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Although, lash extensions are currently huge hit (No1), and we think everyone is familiar to it... often we might meet with situations where people judge it or see it wrongly...

To understand easier both sides ... today I bring You advantages and some disadvantages of this treatment in hope to inderstand better what it is about.


* TREATMENT IS PAIN-FREE: although it might seem there is some action arround eyes, and can easily be hurt ... actually, well done treatment is totaly painfree, and we can almost say contactless with clients skin. Technician is also not allowed to release their hands on clients head and make height on it. Tweezers can only touch natural lashes, and extensions be put in a good distance “0,5-1mm. If during the treatment clients feels uncomfortable, eyes turn to red color, or feels itchy... it is problably a technicians mistake.


Wearing lash extension, such as tretament, must be completely Pain-free. They shouldn’t be on the skin, make itchiness, twist or be painfull. As we aleready concluded, exstensions must be sticked away from the skin, and surely be adjusted by lenght and thickness to natural lashes. Beacuse of that, they are as easy as a feather. What we do feel is, we have much more time in day, and like we have make up on ourself all the time.


Every person who puts mascara every day, spends arround 5-10 minutes per day to put it on, and about 15 minutes to remove it.

If if we count, it takes arround 10-15 hours per month 😱.

Lash extensions treatment lasts arround 2-3 hours and you don’t have any special requests to take care of them. All you have to do is to wash them every day, brush and you are set to go.

You can sleep 5 minutes more, and You don’t have a job to do except one infill per month to fill them.


As we said before, they are really easy to take care of. Everyday hygiene is regular part of the day of every person.

All You have to do is to wash your face, lashes and eyes with foam for complete care, and wipe with a towel.

It is unnecessary to use some other special liquids or to spend lots of money for special creams...

Also, we reccomend to use oil free cosmetics. Because lash glue can be affected by oil and cause shed.


Maybe one of the most frequent question in lash industry is this.

The only thing that can cause damage is a bad technique and bad lash technician!

If a lash artist takes care of thicness and weight of lashes, and doesn’t put too heavy fans, natural lashes can not be damaged.

Every natural lash grows and falls down whitin 90-120 days. We put extension on natural lasehs which are old arround 40-60 days or more. It is a normal hair cycle and it grows, and falls down after that. On its place, there is a new lash growing, and when it becomes old enough, we put extension on. This way makes this work posibble and without damage.

Bad hygiene can also damage natural lashes. It is very important to wash extensions to avoid dead skin and dirt on folicules.

Do not pull out your lashes, choose a god technician and wash your lashes daily and You don’t have to worry 🙂.

Thank you for reading.

Bo Lash

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