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Lash Educators Diploma / (Training for Trainers Diploma) - Distance Learning / Online

Benefits of gaining a Lash Educator Certification: It shows that you are a professional educator and take your role as an educator seriously. An educator / training qualification is often required before you will be covered by an educator / training insurance. By not have a training qualification you could invalidate your insurance. An educator certification / training qualification is required to get Lash Inc Accreditation.

Having a solid knowledge of how students learn, learning resources and how to professionally conduct a training session can only improve your teaching skills and benefit the student by having a better learning experience. This qualification is accepted by many insurance providers for training insurance. Designed for both new educators and those who have a number of years’ experience, it allows you to study at work/home and at your own pace.

All the course materials you need will be provided and there is full support from our trainer staff throughout the duration of your study. Course material will be emailed to you and you can complete and return assignments/projects as they are done.


What Does The Training Course Cover?


At the end of the course you will be able to: Recognize the different learning styles Plan and design training to gain commitment and enthusiasm Run a training session and supervise training Check that your training is effective and that learning has occurred



The sessions are as follows:

Session 1 How We Learn

Session 2 Preparing & Delivering Training

Session 3 Running a Training Session

Session 4 Ending a Training Session

Session 5 Planning a Training Session

Session 6 Writing your manuals

Session 7 Applying for Accreditation

DURATION Up to 3 months to complete your studies

CERTIFICATION A Lash Inc Certificate of Competence will be issued upon completion.

Who Is This Training Course For?

​Our Train to Teach - The Teachers training course is only for experienced lash
artists who are already qualified
A Minimum of Two Years Qualification in Classic Technique is Required
A Minimum of One Year Qualification in Volume Technique is Required
This course is also suitable for those who are existing Trainers who are looking to up-skill
and add to their portfolio!
Designed to provide you with thorough knowledge, skills and technique required to start in
this highly lucrative new career


What Happens After The Training Course?


This is a 30 hour distance learning course, you will work through a manual, do 2 written assessments and a 10 – 15 minute micro teaching session at a location you choose to receive your diploma. There is no additional cost for this. Once you have finished the online training program and on successful completion of this you will be issued with a certificate to become a teacher and be able to teach others in this lucrative and rewarding career. When you have successfully completed and passed your online training program you will be issued with an Accredited Certification (Diploma). You can now add this onto your insurance and advertise yourself as an educator. ​


After the training you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 15%, to purchase all the lash supplies you need. If you are looking at becoming a brand partner you can customize our training kits to fit your needs.

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