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ML PRO Wax pen

ML PRO Wax pen

The wax is in a convenient tube is perfect for Brow Masters and Make-Up Artists. It is convenient for techs on the go as the wax pen doesn’t require heating and is always ready to use. Get long-lasting results (up to 4 weeks) in 5 minutes.
The professional formula is based on beeswax and pine resins. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and provides moisture and nourishment for the skin. The wax contains no parabens, sugar or mineral oils and has been dermatologically tested.
A super-precise highlighter-shaped applicator enables brows to be shaped with great accuracy. The wax captures the shortest hairs (from 1.5mm), removes both coarser hairs and peach fuzz. There is the option of normal  and strong hair. Normal is perfect for peach fuzz and finer hairs, whereas the strong is perfect for dense and coarse hair removal.

Non-woven wax strips:

High-quality non-woven material means that the strips will not tear or lose their shape during use.

Perfect size for facial hair removal and brow shaping.

Directions for Use:

Thoroughly cleanse the brow area to be sure it is free of tint and make-up

Apply the wax with the grain using the applicator

Press paper strip on top of applied wax

Remove strip in one quick movement against the grain, whilst stretching the skin

Gently clean the area with the supplied after-wax cleansing cloths to soothe the skin and remove any excess wax

Storage Instructions:

Store at a temperature from +18°C to +30°C.

Store away from heat and direct sunlight
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