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ML Pro Phoenix Lash Adhesive

ML Pro Phoenix Lash Adhesive


⚡NEXT Generation  Adhesive

 ⚡BEST Performing  Adhesive 

⚡MOST Powerful  Adhesive⚡

Why you ask?

Because, It's an adhesive that is so easy to work with..


Developed and Made in United Kingdom, With Love.

A STABLE Adhesive!

Which means it stays where you put it, so it keeps fans open, it does not move to close fans or create a stalk.It keeps the perfect fans.

A PURE Adhesive!

This means that it contains very good cyanoacrylate and it is all fully traceable.


Which means it's tough against hot or cold climates! It will not get weaker if clients go out to cold/below zero temperatures or they are sitting in the sun at 40°C heat! Lashes will stay strong no matter what temperature it is and does not compromise the strength of PHOENIX.

HUMIDITY Resistant!

Which means that the adhesive will stay strong regardless of humidity, they can go swimming, sweat or go into a humid area like Niagra falls and the glue will stay as strong on client's lashes, leaving them with great retention. 


Made with strict guidelines BRITISH STANDARD APPROVED.

This means that it is EU regulated and made in the UK! It is also free from animal testing and has been safety assessed by independent toxicologists.

A long SHELF LIFE of up to 4 months!

Which means that once opened unlike other glues that are only 6- 8 weeks, then they become weaker with retention. PHOENIX stays strong and fresh for up to 4 months once opened, and up to 9 months unopened!



Yes! This means that it is completely cruelty free and Animal Friendly!

It CURES faster than any other!

50-70% cure in just 1 hour! Total cure in only 12 hours, with the help of accelerated technology it cures very fast.

Who can use PHOENIX?

This adhesive is only to be used by very experienced Lash stylists that work VERY quickly.


If you do not work very fast, you will experience poor retention as the adhesive may dry mid way before great connection to the natural lashes.

Key Information on PHOENIX:

Bonds in 1- 1.5 seconds ✔

Retention of 6-7 weeks ✔

Allows you to work very quickly ✔ 

Works in humidity of 30% - 90% ✔

Works between 17° and 28° room temperature* ✔

Has very Low fumes ✔

Characterised by it's high bonding capacity and medium viscosity ✔


Who is it suitable for?

PHOENIX is suitable for very sensitive clients, as well as your regular clients. You can use this adhesive on all types of eyelash extensions (Classic, Russian Volume, Mega Volume) and all different types of techniques.


A Patch Test is required with all of our Adhesives at least 48 hours ahead of their treatment. Read here how to correctly apply a Patch Test.

Directions on how to apply?

1. Shake bottle upside down with an Anti-Clogging Pin before pouring out your adhesive bead.

2. Apply a drop of PHOENIX to a glass stone, crystal stone, jade stone or metal plate.

3. Pour out a bead.

4. Use an Adhesive Nozzle Wipe to wipe away excess adhesive and prevent from build up.

5. Work from the centre of your adhesive bead.

6. Monitor your temperature and humidity, and change your adhesive drop regular with the room conditions. 

How to store PHOENIX Adhesive?

1. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. Do not store under direct sunlight and keep in a cool place.

2. Optimal temperature for storage is 18-28 degrees Celsius.

3. Unopened bottles can be stored in the refrigerator to extend shelf life up to 9 months. Once ready to use, bring out into room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours before opening.

4. Recommended to store with a silica pack in an air tight container overnight to control moisture. Silica bag to be replaced every 4-6 weeks.

5. Shelf life is up to 4 months since the bottle has been opened. 


Developed and Made in United Kingdom, With Love.


5g Bottle. Black Colour.

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