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ML Pro Perfect Fan

ML Pro Perfect Fan

ML Pro Perfect Fan

This innovative product does exactly what's in the name! It prevents the lash adhesive from travelling up your fans, so it will stop your fans from closing together! Enabling you to create fans rapidly and Perfect

Perfect Fan is glue blocker that will help any lash stylist making perfect fans EVERY TIME!

Works with any eyelash adhesive!

Stops the glue from traveling up the fan

Helps make Fans RAPIDLY!

Directions on how to apply?

Apply with its tiny brush 1mm from the bottom of the lash line whilst the lashes are still on the glue strip
Pick up your fans and dip into the adhesive as you would normally work and see the magic happen. No traveling up the fan
Apply your fan onto the natural lash as you would normaly.
When to apply Rapid Fan?

Up To And Around 22 °C room temperature – Twice a Day.

Over 22°C Room Temperature – When you see that your lovely fans no longer stay open with ease!

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