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Available Online and at ML Beauty Academy

Online - Live via ZOOM

Beginners Lash Lift £299 - NOW 30% OFF (Including
training kit and manual)

One day from 10.00am - 15.00pm

Become a Certified Lash Lift professional with this in depth training course!
Thinking of starting a new adventure? Want to become your own boss? Want to add to
your treatment list?

Who Is This Training Course For?

Our Brand New Lash Lift training course if for total and complete beginners. ✔

There is no need for any previous beauty knowledge or prior qualifications. ✔

This course is also suitable for those who are existing beauty therapists looking at adding
this treatment to their portfolio! ✔

Designed to provide you with thorough knowledge, skills and practice required to start in
this highly lucrative career. ✔

What Does The Training Course Cover?

This training course will ensure you are comfortable with the application of Lash Lift, and the
products and tools you will learn to use on the day.

You will not leave the training course unless you are confident! You learn all the important theory
first, then you put everything to practice with your live model, you do not practice on each other as
we value your time in class to learn and practice, avoiding others practicing on you.

At ML Beauty Academy we always offer ongoing support with your Master Educator after your
training. We do not train then leave you, we continue to mentor you through your lash journey.

Learn How to create the a Lash Lift in a step by step procedure

What Do I Learn In The Training Course?

• Anatomy and Physiology
• Introduction and Preparing the Therapist
• Hygiene Procedures
• Contraindications and Patch Testing
• Consultation, Client care & Reactions.
• Treatment Procedures and Correct Equipment
• Going Through Training Kit and Understanding Products
• Understanding natural lashes and Choosing Shields
• Practicing Correct Application
• Working on your Live Model
• After care advise
• Problem Solving
• Health and safety
• The Legal Requirements
• How to Obtain Insurance
• How to Start Out as a Lash Lift Therapist

Why Choose This Training Course?

ML Beauty Academy is one of the world leading training providers, multi Award winners, technique
in the UK and Internationally. We have trained many lash educators and teachers around the globe,
you too can benefit and come direct to us to receive all the expertise, techniques and insight that we
have been providing for years. Our courses are designed with many years experience and research
to ensure that you learn with the very latest techniques and professional lash products and
comprehensive training that we provide. Our very high CPD points is evident how thorough and in-
depth our training courses are. As the worlds recognized innovators, we offer up to the minute
training courses, so you will always learn the latest styles, procedures and techniques in our training

Applying a Lash Lift can be quite intricate, this course ensures that adequate time is allowed for you
to learn the theory and practical knowledge required to become an amazing Lash Lift technician, not
just an eyelash therapist.

Our training courses will teach you everything you need to know to start your lash lift business. We
show you how to prepare for a Lash Lift Treatment and how to market your new treatment.

• A Clear Step by Step Manual is included, for you to take away for future reference after your
training course!
• Fully Accredited Training Course by Lash Inc Accreditation
• 24/7 Ongoing Support Via Email/Whatsapp/Phone/Facebook Forum
• 4 Hour Training Course with 2 Case Studies
•Individual or Intimate small classes so each student receives quality time with our Master
• Lash Lift Training Kit included worth £180
• Student lifetime 15% discount on our professional lash products

What Happens During The Day of The Course?

You will start your day with theory, every part will be with small steps in stages, and you will be
practicing each stage before moving onto the next. Your trainer will guide you all the way showing
you tips and methods to help application.

You do not need to bring anything with you, as all equipment and materials needed for the training
day are included, No Hidden Extras!

Once all theory is completed, you will practice your new skills on a live model that you will need to
Models will need to come with no makeup, no lash lift in the last 8 weeks, no lash extensions, no
red eyes, no trauma to the eye or eye area, no recent operation around or on the eye.

Your trainer will demonstrate the treatment procedure for you on your live model, and you will then
start to practice the process of lash lift step by step.

Your trainer will work closely with you, to keep an eye on your application and to ensure you feel
comfortable and confident. Towards the end, you will go through aftercare and how to promote
your new service.

What Happens After The Training Course?

At the end of the training course, you will go through after care, health & safety, and how to market
your brand new lash lift business!
You will be issued with a Certificate Of Attendance and have the opportunity to take photos.

A short assessment test will be given to you to take home and complete, covering your days training
and re applying those important and key facts of Lash Lift and the procedure.

Once you leave the training course, you will be required to supply 5 individual case studies, sent to
your trainer who will send feedback on each case study, covering the good points and the areas you
may need to work on for the next case study.

When you have successfully completed and passed both case studies, you will be issued with an
Accredited Certification (Diploma). You can now use this to gain insurance and work as a Lash Lift

As our student you will have access to your LIFETIME Student Discount of 15%, to purchase all the
lash supplies and products you need.

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