ML Pro Brow Lamination Kit

ML Pro Brow Lamination Kit

Our ML Pro Brow Lamination Kit System has been specially developed to lift and hold brows in place, using safe and luxurious products. The Brow lamination kit is packaged to perfection down to the superior pump 10ml bottles.


Kit includes:

ML Pro Lifting Curling Lotion (Airless Pump Bottle/10ml) new!
ML Pro Lifting Fixing Lotion (Airless Pump Bottle/10ml) new!
ML Pro GLUE 10ml


  • vegan-friendly
  • cruelty-free


Professional Use Only. You need to be trained, insured, and certified in Lash Lift Treatment or Brow Lamination to use ML Pro Lash Lift and Brow lamination products.


Shelf Life

Unopened – 2 years
Once opened – 3 - 6 months (if stored in a cool dry place avoid heat and light, it is likely to be 6 months)

CAUTION: After each use, there will be a little product left in the nozzle hole which will be expired right away (as it has been exposed to air).


Why choose ML Pro Brow Lamination products?


The effectiveness of Lash lift lotions makes it ideal for Brow lamination, which can be considered as a ‘Brow Lift’. Brow Lamination is an ultimate solution for uniform and full eyebrow shape. Typically, a popular Brow Lamination treatment involving brow lift and takes only 20. 

Your brows will look instantly fuller, fluffier and super sleek with a perfected, well-kept shape that lasts up to 2 months.


The aftercare for ML Pro Brow Lamination  is minimum, with no special maintenance routine other than keeping lash and brow dry for the first 24 hours.


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