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What are lash extension?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

What are lash extensions?

The meaning of “Lash extensions” can apply to either technique (treatment)or material used for it. However, both, means the same. Ability to produce longer, darker and fuller lashes on clients eyes.

Lash technician, using two tweezers, glue and lash extensions isolates 1 (single) natural lash and applies 1 single (individual) extension or a fan (volume) onto it.

Who is Lash techinician?

Certified and educated person, capable to perform lash application using both hands and knowledge to make everything good and ensured. Furhermore, by measuring and correctly deciding, ensures and keeps clients natural lashes health and avoids issues of lash damage.

Each techinican needs to follow the industry and progresses, and fulfill its knowledge by mentioned.

What is the difference between “individual” and “volume”lashes?

Both, indivudual or volume, marks a techinque performed in a treatment.

Individual means single and it marks a technique in which we use lashes 0.07, 0.10, 0.12 or maximum 0.15mm.

It means how thick or thin extensions are.

This tehnique “leaves” or creates natural look and it is prefferd by those clients that want to look like they’ve put some mascara on.

While volume means multiple and marks a technique in which are used 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06 or 0.07 thick extension.

General and final look on a clients varries by how full or natural client wants to be like. It is posiblle to make 2D fan (consist of 2 lash extension connected in 1 fan) to 15D fan. More lashes we put together, tje fuller look we get.

It is very important to take care of natural lashes and avoid to put to heavy fans onto it.

Can lash extensions hurt or damage natural lashes?

If done (by technician), and taken care of (by client) correctly, natural lashes can NOT be damaged. However, we often hear from or meet people who claim different.

Correct technique means correct application and good placement. 1 extension or fan on 1 natural lash. One, small drop of glue, correct thickness and good aftercare. If all of mentioned is done good, natural lashes grow and fall out normally, like every day of our lives. With or without lash extensions.

Which material are extensions made of?

All extensions (except in some special occasions) are made of PBT - silicone (plastic) fiber.

Noone is allergic to syntetics or plastic, and it is posibble to make enough ammounts of extensions to keep it on track, and the costs are not to high (accetable to fabrics, distributors, lash technician and affordable to clients).

Why they fall out?

The main reason people have lashes is protection of eyes. Lashes are made of hair, and have a lifetime cycle.

Each lash grows out of folicule, and goes through 3 phases - anagen (baby), katagen (grown up) & telogen (old).

Normal lifetime is between 90 and 120days. Afrer that, they fall out, and are replaced by new lash.

Because of that, lash extensions falls out, when natural one, which is sticked to it falls out too.

Because of that, clients need to come to infill.

When client needs to come to infill?

It depends of a cycle and clients wishes or needs. Each person has it differently, and it is important to follow each client individually. Some people may need infill after 2, while others 4 weeks.

Duration and procedure of treatment?

First application can take from 2-4 hours. Deppends of number of natural lashes, effect client wants to get, and how fast lash technician can make it.

Client lays on a massage table with eyes closed. It is pain free and comfortable treatment.

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